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Master Trainers in SEWA Manager Ni School:

SEWA Manager Ni School designs its Managerial Training Programme to address the needs of the members and their economic organisations. The training helps build a cadre of grassroots managers who are well equipped to face and address the challenges that businesses face.

  Profile of Master Trainers of SEWA Manager Ni School

Training Process for SEWA Master Trainers:

Selection of Master Trainer Trainees: At a grassroots level, self-help group leaders, small and medium enterprise managers, company shareholders, small farmers etc. are selected to participate in the training program

Module Development: Members of the training groups consult together and pre-test the modules before developing a final program

Training of Master Trainers: The selection of trainers are given instructions on how to teach technical, life and management skills to select trainees

Training By Newly Certified Master Trainers: The cadre of Master Trainers use their knowledge to train grassroots women in Community Learning Business Resource Centres (CLBRCs) established by SEWA at the village level

Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of the Master Trainers:  Depending on which training modules are developed, supply chain management and/or private sector partnerships, the trainers gain experience on how to run enterprises at the grassroots level.

Primary role of Master Trainers is to provide trainings to grassroots members through the Community Learning Business Resource Centres

  • Recognise strengths in trainees and select them to become a trainer
  • Develop, define and maintain standards in the training programs
  • Establish new and innovative leadership strategies to use in future trainings


Skill Possession by Master Trainers after SEWA Manager Ni School

  • Traditional skills- Farming, Craftwork, Stitching and Animal Husbandry
  • Other Skills-Leadership, Disaster Management, Mimi-MBA, Savings System, Agriculture, Cattle Rearing, Nursery Management, Green Livelihood Trainings, Costing, Insurance, Community Radio Training, Marketing, Whole Supply Chain Management, & Life and Soft Skills
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