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“Implementing my learnings from the ‘How to be a Smart Community Mobiliser?’ Training received from SEWA Manager Ni School, I could successfully discharge the responsibility of organizing 1, 25,000 members in my trade and district as I had learnt effective planning, teamwork, delegation and time management! A warm ‘thank you’ to SEWA Manager Ni School for helping me to make this seemingly impossible task possible!” - Ramilaben Rohit (Anand – Gujarat)

“Through the SEWA-World Bank Digital Financial Literacy Program I was provided training by SEWA Manager Ni School on the usage and features of mobile phones and digital transactions. For women like me who are tied up with household work and farming activities, this training has proven to be a blessing; as it has made my life easy, safe and convenient besides saving my time! I now plan to learn the basics of each application using the smartphone as this is extremely essential in today’s digital era.” - Thalibon Marshillong (West Khasi – Meghalaya)

“Applying my learnings from the Gap Inc P.A.C.E AAVKAR Training delivered by SEWA Manager Ni School, I have persuaded my family to allow me to step out of the four walls of the house and carve an independent identity of my own. I have also been able to help my mother manage her illness-related stress better thereby improving her relations with the entire family!” - Neetaben Senma (Mehsana - Gujarat)

“I am 22 years old and a SEWA Member since four years. I look after the online marketing of SEWA’s weaving products. SEWA Manager Ni School has strengthened my skills through trainings like – Personality Development, Marketing, Digital Finance, Mobile Literacy, English etc. Today when I see the beautiful products woven by my grassroots sisters reaching every part of the country I feel so proud; all this has taken place thanks to my improved English language and soft skills which help me to connect with online buyers and serve them better. I am grateful to SEWA for creating so many livelihood opportunities for young generation members like me and to SEWA Manager Ni School for moulding us to take up these responsibilities!” - Muskaanben Vora (Anand – Gujarat

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