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When I was given the responsibility of organizing 1,25,000 members in my trade and district, I was very overwhelmed by the large responsibility. However, I accepted the challenge and started working towards achieving this. Obviously, I could achieve this only with the help of my other sisters in the spearhead team. But when I discussed this with my team members, they immediately doubted that this was unachievable. As I had taken training from SEWA Manager Ni School on “How to be a Smart Community Mobiliser”, I had learned how to do effective planning, teamwork, delegation, and time management.

I quietly listened to all of my sisters and heard their concerns. We took each concern one by one and started delegating tasks properly within the team members. With the discussion and detailed planning, we slowly accomplished each assigned task and felt that organizing was not difficult at all. We shared the burden of the large goal, and with close monitoring, each of us easily managed to achieve our target. I am proud to support 1,25,000 members of my district and this was only possible because the SEWA Manager Ni School had trained me.- Ramilaben Rohit, Anand

Kuwarben Photo

I am Kuwarben Bhimani, a salt farmer from Surendranagar District. I have been a member of SEWA for the past 10 years. Earlier, the other salt farmers and I used to sell our salt to traders but after acquiring training from SEWA, we are now organized and know how to plan our production. The training showed us how to determine the price, such as knowing what is the minimum salt price each member should sell for breaking even. Considering all the costs, we agreed on a fixed price of Rs. 135 per ton. The traders were only paying Rs. 120 per ton. In the trade committee meeting this year, we decided we will sell only at minimum of Rs. 135 ton. This encouraged other salt workers demanded the same from the traders. Since we worked as a group, the traders had to agree to pay Rs. 135 per ton. Now we are benefiting by receiving Rs. 15 more per ton from traders. - Kuwarben Bhimani, Surendranagar

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I am Jamuben Aiyar a village leader from Dhokawada village, Patan district. After acquiring training from SEWA Manager Ni School, I am now able to better coordinate work with women in my assigned villages. I have learned the art of oral presentations and preparing myself better. I am able to convince other women more effectively. After being trained, I have been able to organize more women in my village and thereby support their development. I conduct the meetings in the villages on a regular and systematic basis. In one of the sessions, SEWA Manager Ni School taught me as to how to conduct meetings. I was very impressed by that session. Now, I conduct the meetings as per pre-decided agenda and also maintain proper minutes then after. My performance has simply increased now that I am more effective. I feel less stressed and able to finish my work on time. Further, through the training, I learned ways how to make the meetings I hold interesting. I can now see the difference in participation of the women, as they are now actively participating compared to before. - Jamuben Aiyar, Patan

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