... Impact Of Training
  • As of June 2013, SMS has trained over 15, 05,000 SEWA members on a host of subjects and themes.

  • SMS has developed a cadre of 1,675 trained members in all thematic areas of training.

  • There are over 85,000 Master trainers and trainees that have started their own business enterprise.

  • According to the 20XX International Finance Corporation (IFC) impact assessment conducted by Dalberg Associates, an international consulting firm, concluded that SMS has measurable and significant impact on rural livelihoods and organizations.

  • Through building capacity in themes relating to finance, management, operations, and marketing, member enterprise have improved their overall efficiency and effectiveness as illustrated by increased returns and process streamlining.

  • Post-training, the members are empowered by knowing their rights, particularly land ownership concerns, and have increased their self-confidence.

  • There are significant improvements in products, services, planning methodologies, budgeting capabilities, monitoring systems, and performance evaluations before and after training.

  • Through SMS training, members learn SEWA’s methodologies of approaching group organization, women’s leadership, development of partnerships and linkages, and micro-enterprises, agricultural, and non-governmental organization and community-based organization management, leading towards self-sustainability and efficient decision-making.

  • Marketing training has equipped members with new skills and strategies, which enables expansion of market share of products, such as RUDI, which are now found in highway rest stops.

  • There is evident improvement in the communication stream and processes within the management of the District Association, SEWA Gram Mahila Haat, and the SEWA Trade Facilitation Center.

  • There is an increased confidence within members in decision-making and management of micro-enterprise through democratic processes after training.

  • SMS receives numerous requests from different international organizations and institutions to conduct exposure visits to SEWA and learn more about its organizational management experience.
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